About Cheesecake Squared

A random idea that turned into a passion!

Our business all started based on a random idea and quickly turned into a passion. We were tired of having cheesecake that had no substance, flavor, and a weird fluffy texture. We became mad scientists trying every possible concoction you could think of and finally ended up with our amazing original recipe.

Adam and Paige Folks selfie photo at bakery shop

Your Cheesecake Gurus!

Cheesecake Squared is locally owned and operated by Adam and Paige Folks. We are a young couple that have grown our company from the bottom up. We focus on making high quality, delicious cheesecake and being down to earth and open with our amazing customers.

Our Unique Cheesecake

Our unique recipe brings a depth of flavor to cheesecake that many have not tried before. Not to mention our thick, creamy style makes even the smallest piece satisfying. We pride ourselves on having high quality, made from scratch cheesecake. Because not all cheesecake is created equal!

We now have over 30 flavors, gluten free, keto/no sugar added, and alcoholic options, as well as three sizes to choose from. Something for everyone! Please explore our website to see all the available goodies.

We are also doing business to business sales to local Wyoming restaurants and eateries so you may be seeing our cheesecake in your favorite establishment soon!